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The Process

Here's how you go about booking in your slot to have your own private photo shoot! 

1. Fill in the simple booking form below, be sure to enter the correct session as we will be running two sessions at Trinity Laban on Sunday 16th & 23rd June 2024. If you are in BOTH the Classical and Theatre section you can book a slot for both sessions.

CLASSICAL DANCERS - Please complete your booking form by Thursday 13th June 2024 to ensure you get a slot.

THEATRE DANCERS - Please complete your booking form by Thursday 20th June 2024 to ensure you get a slot.

2. We will let you know what time your slot will be for your shoot by the Friday before your shoot date.

3. When you arrive for your session we only have 5 minutes per dancer! This will be plenty of time as long as you come prepared for your shoot.


- Please come ready in what you would like to wear with hair and make up all good to go! 

- Have 3-4 positions that you would like photographed

4. Your photos will be loaded online for you to view within 2-3 days of your shoot, all photos displayed online will be un-edited initially, but any photos chosen will be fully edited when we send them to you. You can choose as many photos as you like with individual photos available and bundles when you would like to purchase two or more.

Each mini-shoot costs £25 and includes 1 photo from your shoot. Your booking will only be confirmed once we receive your payment. We don't require payment for further packages in advance, these can be purchased when you receive your photo link.

1. You receive 1 photo with your session included in your £25 booking fee

2. We will send you a private link to your photos approximately 2-3 days after your shoot.

3. You can place an order for further packages at anytime once you receive your photo album link.

4. Your ordered photos may take 1-2 weeks to reach you, you will get an email containing a download link to the full resolution, fully edited digital images.

Bespoke orders are available, please let us know if you need to tailor your package in any way.


Mini-Shoot + x1 Photo

x2 Photo Bundle

x3 Photo Bundle

x5 Photo Bundle

Book your shoot

Choose your session (Selet both if applicable)

UKYD 2024


You made it to UKYD 2024!

Book in your UKYD mini-shoot at Trinity Laban for the UKYD Classical Dancer & UKYD Theatre Dancer

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