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Video Prices

Solos: £6 each | Duets: £10 each | Trios & Quartets: £14 each | Groups £19 each

Fill in the form below, select the dances you require.

We will process your order form and send a PayPal payment link to your email, this may take a few days.

Orders over £35 receive 10% off automatically.

Gosport Dance Festival 2023

Video Orders


Important: Please ensure your details are all entered correctly or this could impact on your order. Your email address is used to send your video link. Please ensure it is entered correctly

*If you select Other from the dropdown above, you will have to prove your relationship to the dancer

Day 1 - Saturday 21st October
Day 2 - Sunday 22nd October
Day 3 - Monday 23rd October
Day 4 - Tuesday 24th October
Day 5 - Wednesday 25th October
Day 6 - Thursday 26th October
Day 7 - Friday 27th October
Day 8 - Saturday 28th October
Day 9 - Sunday 29th October
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